The End of Shooters

It looks like my time at Shooters is just about done. I was told I wouldn’t be needed on Friday but perhaps for a few days in the coming week. Then that’s probably it. At first I thought I would prefer working at home, but it turned out that even with the 1.5 hr trip to and from, working in the studio was far better than home. Not only did I get to go out and make new friends and contacts, but I also learned a lot and even did some teaching myself. I got some good demo reel material and something for the resume, not to mention I made some decent money while I was at it.

In total I worked on spots for NCAA Basketball and LaCrosse, Stainmaster carpets, and the New Jersey Lottery. Along with some video presentations for a pharmaceutical trade show and another medical company. I also did some character animation for a 12 screen video display at the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, but that wasn’t used since I got pulled away for another project before I could finish it. All in all I’d say it was a darned good experience.

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