Demo Reel

Shot list:

  1. Restaurant: Texturing lighting, and some modeling for Paradigm Productions art test.
  2. Car color change: Personal Project using Lightwave 3D, HitFilm Express, Mocha Pro, and Reality Capture.
  3. Osaka: Personal project for one of my YouTube videos from Japan using LightWave 3D and Voodoo camera tracker.
  4. Sneaker: Personal Project scanning my sneaker with Reality Capture.
  5. Boy character: I created this character from a very rough drawing for a friend’s music video. Paid project.
  6. Book: This was part of an animated short film I made for a contest.
  7. Grass: This was part of a tutorial I made on Mocha Pro. The tutorial is on my YouTube channel.
  8. Cars: A couple of car models I’ve made in the past. Composited / rendered in LightWave 3D using Voodoo.
  9. Vacuums: A couple of different Hoover vacuum models I made for a Hoover commercial.
  10. Miniature town: Made as a tutorial on HitFilm Express for my YouTube channel.
  11. A/C and House: These were made for a Mitsubishi commercial in LightWave 3D.
  12. Helicopter: Helicopter modeled and textured for a TV commercial.
  13. K-cups: Modeled and textured the box and k-cup for a TV commercial.
  14. Building Exterior: Scene modeled and textured from blueprints for a Paradigm Productions art test.

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