About Phil

Since early childhood Phil has always been an artist. Even video taping 1980’s cartoons to pause and copy what he saw on-screen. During high school Phil worked in a neighborhood comic book store where he discovered manga (Japanese comic books). Becoming quite fond of the style he began using it in his own drawings.

Soon after discovering the animated versions of those manga came college where Phil decided to study Art and Photography as it was the closest the Community College of Philadelphia offered to animation. After studying there for three and a half years he moved on to The University of the Arts as an animation major, learning traditional animation as well as taking film classes. One year later Phil moved to Orlando, FL to attend The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School (DAVE School) where he earned his degree in 2003.

Since then Phil has been working in television, film, and corporate video. His Accomplishments include working on a spot for the 2007 NCAA Basketball opening which won three Addy awards.