Sorry I’ve been slacking off on my posts but I’m always available on Twitter if you are interested. Also this WIPs & News section of the site is based on Blogger and since Google has decided to disable FTP support for Blogger this section may be changing soon as I’m looking at installing Word Press if I can figure out how to do that and move all of my posts to it.

Anyway Here’s some Videos I put up on YouTube recently:

Early Example of painting with Disney’s Ptex technology in 3D-Coat

This is an anime music video (AMV) I made back in 2001, it was shown at Otakon that year:

This is not actually mine, but a very cool demonstration of the new VPR rendering in LightWave CORE:

This quick one answers the question “What if I want to edit my Ptex texture in Photoshop?”:

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