Recently I have received two recommendations from Shooters Post & Transfer.

From John-Michael Trojan (Producer):
“I’ve hired Phil for 3D modeling. He took complete ownership of his work, and delivered exactly what we needed, plus he took the initiative to send his work in with added value. Anyone who goes the extra mile to deliver quality work on time and on budget gets a recommendation from me, and Phil fits that bill.”

From Laura Pappanicholas (Executive Producer):
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity”
hired Phil as a 3D Artist in 2006, and hired Phil more than once

Also one from John O’Mahony who I worked with at High 5:
“I had the pleasure of working my first big freelance gig with Phil. Although we were in different states, he might as well been working besides me. Phil produces, and thats why I’d work with him again.” August 11, 2008

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