Ready At Dawn & Wii

I was asked to do an art test for Ready At Dawn Studios, the makers of Daxter for the PSP. I’m almost finished now and I think it’s looking pretty nice.

Also this morning I went out at 4:30am to wait in line for my Nintendo Wii. Apparently there were people there at noon yesterday, but I wasn’t out of luck, I ended up getting number 32 of the 68 they had. Unfortunately there were a lot of people there who went home empty handed because they came too late. I think the last count before we started going in was over 100 people in line. it was really cold but time went fast because there were some people who I used to work with at the Best Buy who were standing right near me, so there was lots of joking around. The worst thing that happened in line was when someone near the front tried selling the space in front of them for $50. She was even going up to cars driving by trying to sell it. Nobody was happy about that at all. Anyway, here’s some pics of the line I took.

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