Not happy with Apple

I’ve had my iPhone for about 9 months, the other day the lower third of the touch screen stops working. Everyone on the forums said bring it in, get it replaced. So I drove a half hour out to the nearest Apple store and they replaced it… with a broken one! So I brought that one back and they replaced it again. This one works well enough, but it feels like it’s shoddily put together. The Home button is loose and if you tap the area around it it makes a hollow noise like it’s not put together snugly. When tapping the same spot on the other end of the phone, it sounds nice and solid. On top of that, you can tell by the serial numbers that both of the phones they gave me are much older than the one I originally paid for. And some people wonder why I don’t use Apple computers…

I won’t even talk about having to make an appointment at the store, then getting there at the appointed time, and still having to wait.

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