New tutorial for Adobe Fuse available!

I was asked by Kat (Kelly Meyers) to make a tutorial for Liberty 3D.  It’s a 1 hour tutorial showing you how to use Adobe Fuse to create characters including textures, hair, clothing etc.  Then we take the characters to Adobe’s Mixamo site to automatically rig the character and add some included mocap animation. There are a ton of animations to choose from! Also in the video I’ll show you how to add your animated character to a LightWave 3D scene and how to load it into Photoshop with animation, 3D camera, and lighting controls!

Check out the tutorial here:

Until March 31st 2018 there’s a 30% off discount with the code: L3DSpringTraining2018

One response to “New tutorial for Adobe Fuse available!”

  1. Blanche Kaira says:

    Hi Phil.

    Great work you have put out for us. Thank you.

    I would like to make/ buy a walking fat / obese woman. where can i find one? Please guide me


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