New outfit

So I’ve been working on this character for basically years now, pushing a few points whenever I have some free time. At the moment I have just finished up the base model for her “armor”. I based the design on a couple of the outfits worn by Kahm, the main character of the Outlanders manga by Johji Manabe. As I said this is the base model, the details and textures will be created in 3D Coat as soon as I get the UV maps set up.

2 responses to “New outfit”

  1. Acl says:

    glad to see how this one is coming along. its good to see how my advice helped out with this project.

    keep the coolnes

  2. Acl says:

    glad to see how this is coming along. happy to se how my advice helped out with the overall project.

    keep the coolnes coming.

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