MS (and not Microsoft)

Well, I just spent a week in the hospital. I’ve been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. There is no cure yet, but it is very treatable now. I will have to give myself injections of a drug called Rebif 3 times a week. In the hospital I was given 12 doses of cortazone via an IV, that’s to fix a symptom of me losing some of the sight in my right eye. Apparently in a couple weeks my sight will be back to normal. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking pills to taper off the cortazone. Luckilly they’re in the final stages of testing a new drug that will replace the rebif shots with pills, that should be available some time next year. Wish me luck and hey, these medications are very expensive so if you’d like to donate to the cause I’d be very grateful. You can Paypal me at

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