More EA and Another art test

I was asked to do another art test, this time for 3D Realms and the job would be working on Duke Nukem Forever. The test was quite challenging and I didn’t get to do as much as I would like, but I think the parts I did looked quite good.

While working on that test I was contacted by EA Tiburon again who checked out my reel and liked it and set up an interview. When I got the call it was really more of a pre-interview and was told that we’d do the real interview on Monday. Tuesday I got an email that the team at Tiburon needing help wanted more Maya experience, but they would happily send my info over to EA Mythic, who is in need of a Max user. I was starting to get my hopes up about going back to live in Orlando again, but Mythic is in Virginia, which is closer to home and they’re working on games that I would have more interest in.

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