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First some good news, my contest entry did make it to the top 10 videos! As a reminder the deal was that the judges picked the top 10 entries out of 143 of them, then the winner was chosen at random from those 10. The bad news is that I wasn’t chosen.  Oh well, Still I was picked as one of the top videos!

Next bit of news, since I didn’t win the trip to Japan I will continue saving my money but in order to kick things up a notch I had an idea. I’m sure you’ve seen the models that I’ve created and sold on My idea is to create a number of Japan themed models and all of the proceeds from those sales would go directly into the trip savings.

Next, I have a new blog. This blog will continue going but will stay with work and art related stuff. The new blog will focus on my interests in japan and my YouTube channel. You can find it at

Here you can see the first model for the trip is already available for sale.

And here it is in full 3D:

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  1. ufo3d says:

    Thanks for your tutorial.

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