I haven’t mentioned it much in this blog but I’ve always had an interest in Japanese language and culture. In the past couple of years I’ve become a big fan of jVloggers, that is. English speakers who are currently living in Japan and make frequent YouTube videos on that country. Sometimes they’re about daily life in Japan or interesting shops they find and things they buy, sometimes it’s more educational such as the videos from Victor Boggio, a Peruvian-American who has lived there for a number of years with his Japanese wife. Victor refers to himself as the King of the Morons and his viewers are his Moron Army. Most of Victor’s videos teach us new words and other Japanese language based on stories currently in the news there.

After enjoying hundreds of videos by Victor and a dozen other jVloggers I eventually became interested in making some videos of my own.   This is a big step for me as I’ve always been more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.  I’ve made several videos in recent months but now I have an idea to make a series of short videos that would help others learn from my experiences as well as help me practice my Japanese language skills.  I am still a beginner at the language but I thought I could help others my sharing new words as I learn them. At first I’m starting off with easier words, but if people like the series I’ll continue and hopefully as my language skills improve so will the videos.  So please check out my first video and if you like it let me know and I’ll make more.

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