Contest submission

For the past few months I’ve been working on an entry for this contest. Run by the author D. W. Jackson. The rules basically said to make a video promoting one or more of his books, 2-10 minutes long and include a link to his Amazon page. Judges pick the top 10 videos and out of those 10 a winner is chosen at random. The prize is a trip to Japan including the flight, hotel for one week, and $500 spending money. The rules didn’t specify that it had to be video and he said Animation was fine so I worked my butt off to make sure I was in that top 10, at least to the best of my ability.

I’ve looked at some of the submissions so far and as expected most of them are just someone standing in front of a camera so I think I’m getting in that top 10 for sure. Several of them also did not include a link like the rules stated. A few included the text of the link in the video but but not an actual clickable link so I guess that will depend on how strictly the judges follow the rules.

So here is my submission. The animation itself did not reach the minimum 2 minutes so I added some video and then some making-of videos at the end.

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