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My studio just picked up a copy of the Asile FX Vue xStream / Lightwave Integration video tutorials. They cost $50 for the download version. Which is a little high, even for good quality videos. Which brings me to my point. I have gone through the first few videos and am little disappointed.

Firstly the videos are very highly compressed, so they don’t look very good and the audio sounds distorted. The thing is, they compressed it so much , but not enough to fit on a CD. They are slightly larger at 750MB, so I have to use a DVD and waste all that space, which could’ve been used for higher quality videos.

Next is the teacher, Nicholas Pellegrino. Perhaps it’s partly due to the nature of xStream and the fact that it doesn’t work very well, but in some parts it feels like he really doen’t know what he’s doing. Like he’ll try something and say, “no that didn’t work, let’s try this… Ah that did it.”. Unless this is just his teaching style and it’s not obvious enough, I feel like a teacher should really have planned out what he intends to teach and know what will work and what will not before he starts the lesson. Another problem is that he says something, then repeats it several times with different words. A good example is a scene with a transparent object and two objects behind it. and he says something to the effect of “after adjusting that setting you can see through the object. You can see this object behind it, and you can also see this other object behind it”. That was a short and simple example, but it gets my point across. He does offer some good information when he gets around to saying it.

Frankly at those prices for this quality I don’t think I would buy any videos from AsileFX.

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