Demo Reel


Shot list:

  1. NCAA Basketball Final Four opening. Modeling, texturing, & animation of basketball hoop (including camera) and crawling vines. Won three Addy awards.
  2. Architectural Pre-Viz. Interior and exterior of a wedding reception hall. Entire project by Phil
  3. Personal project. Audi R8 car model. Entire project by Phil
  4. Personal project. Orc bust sculpture sculpted from scratch and textured in 3D Coat. Hair and Rendering in LightWave 3D. Entire project by Phil.
  5. Modeling of a Hoover Floormate vacuum cleaner for TV commercials.
  6. Modeling, Texturing, & Animation of a Comcast store display for commercials that ran inside Best Buy stores.
  7. Simple game environment & game-res Jedi Starfighter. Modeled in LightWave 3D and 3D-Coat, all texturing in 3D-Coat. Used the Unity game engine. Entire Project by Phil.
  8. P47-D airplane – Modeling in LightWave 3D, Texturing in Photoshop, sky in Vue 6. Entire project by Phil.
  9. HD Helicopter Spot for WABC-TV Eyewitness News. Modeling and texturing of high quality helicopter.
  10. Spot for Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. Modeling of lacrosse stick
  11. Jedi Starfighter – project for Modeling competition.
  12. prev-vis for medical training video for Epic Studios. Entire Project by Phil.
  13. Interior project for EA Chicago. Entire project by Phil. 12503 triangles
  14. NYC building – Personal project. Entire project by Phil.
  15. Character retopology, texturing, rigging, and animation for Children’s short film.